Rap videos


Rap videos these days are garbage. I mean, what’s up with them? And at every fade in there’s captions like: “directed by this” and “directed by that”, “you’ve never heard of” production presents… back in a day you’d never see this type of things. People didn’t know who directed the video, but they enjoyed it for sure.

And word “directed” is really an overstatement when what they actually do is hold a camera in front of a rapper. Anyone with hands and one eye could shoot the videos we saw last 3-4 years. All you need is a car with chromed wheels and people nodding their heads to the beat – and that’s it! They say they shot the video and it’s on the web, while people in the comments section complain: “this is real rap, it should have more views!” – I may agree about it being real rap, but I’d rather hear mp3 than sit around to watch that garbage.

Big Tray Deee was released from prison year ago. It did cause some hype, because he had two (or more) albums recorded in prison. Tray says he build tiny studio with pillows in his prison cell and rapped in smartphone. People love this kind of stories, especially in rap. So he came out, and had them CD’s ready. Reconnected with his longtime friend Snoop dogg and The Eastsidaz were back together. They shot the same kind of video I criticized above, but it was much worse when they put in tiny clips from their old videos! So you could clearly see, how rap videos had some kind of plot and style fifteen years ago and how they turned into nothing these last years. The new video is so ridiculously stupid – three people play dominos and rap – why would anyone want to watch that? The least you can do is put some girls in it for Christ’s sake!..

Tray Deee is a widely respected man and a real MC, plus he’s a general of creeps. Everything you hear him talk is real and he never agitated gangsta lifestyle or glamorized ghetto life. I would also add that he’s almost fifty years old. … That man is hella old to be rapping and shooting ridiculous videos. But at the end of the day, he got out of jail and has a time of his life, he can do anything he wants, like shoot a video with his homies and neighbors “On the blocc”. Setting for this video is on the street that and everything looks really nice, which doesn’t really associate with words like Ghetto, hood, block and etc. Anyways, you can check out the video right here, maybe you’ll like it and support it.

I’ll just sit back, turn on rap videos of my childhood like: Outkast – Mrs. Jackson, Gorillaz – feel good inc. / Clint eastwood and many more while reminiscing about good ol’ days.




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