Science and rap


If you talk about twitter ignorance, first thing that comes to my mind are Jaden Smith’s tweets. They made no sense whatsoever, all tough, stupidity got him really popular among internet nerds.

This last month’s list was dominated by a rapper B.O.B.

We know B.O.B. he was once relevant in rap music, pretty good with it. But somewhere along the line he disappeared from stage (I heard he was gonna do some country music).

If you check out his twitter, you’ll be shocked by how stubborn he is on earth’s shape. Rapper that was once famous claims, that earth’s shape is flat and we’ve all been living in a lie. Earth is flat – cave people were right! Damn, we should learn to respect our ancestry!

B.O.B. in one of his raps even calls out Neil DeGrasse Tyson on this subject! This is preposterous! (my lord!) Teaching scientist how to do science on such an elementary level? Neil Tyson is not the one to retreat, especially when you’re talking slack about science. Oh, no, he doesn’t like that. So Neil Tyson responded himself!

On some mediocre show, that now we only know because of B.O.B and Neil Tyson, distress call was send out to the very scientist himself. When universe calls, Neil responds! Revolted, Neil showed up with a sandwich in his hand. Grabbed the mic’ from the host and proceeded to deliver some knowledge. He had no beat, he did it acapella. With his authentic flow, he explained things that are so very hard for so many people in as much simplicity as possible and ended his 90 sec science-knowledge-delivery in way that true MC would.

Big Tyson won the day, eastside of the galaxy! Streets of earth, yo! Keepin’ in it real with science, biach!


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