Grafitty has been a part of the culture from the beginning. Well… people used to write on walls since the day one, but hip-hop embraced it with honor and made some of the aerosol writers international icons. You can see graffiti, as we know today, started out in new york, but today you can see throw ups everywhere around the globe. Like rap music and street fashion, writing on the walls became a worldwide universal thing that people from all around the globe affiliated themselves with and started to express their dreams, views and also just to show off.


I came across the old game I used to love as a kid: Marck Ecko’s getting up. To this day, that is the only video game about graffiti and it’s done the right way. Game features voices from some of the infamous aerosol writers and their pieces. Game progress is heavily based on reality, rules and principles are honored and yeah, I would say it is realistic as a virtual recreation of a graffiti artist. You start off as a toy and work your way up the ladder.



I like graffiti a lot, but there are some things about it that I don’t like. I don’t like simple throw ups and tags. Writing your name wherever you can – that’s lame. As other elements of hip-hop, real graffiti artist must try to show his skill. Nice example of it can be heaven spots. But I don’t mean exactly dangerous cliffs.

  1. Your piece should be in a place where everyone can see.
  2. You must have a skill, if you’re still not sure about your possibilities than go learn, it may take years but that’s how it is.
  3. Your piece should deliver a message: something you want to tell everyone or something everyone wants to tell. You either express your true self, your opinion, or opinion of a community you live in – that’s hip-hop.

I don’t think trashing trains and buildings with your name is cool, unless you have some unique mad skill that will blow everyone away. But still, it’s not about the painting, it’s about sending a message.













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