I have mentioned Araabmuzik on my Blog and promised to talk a bit about him. Uninteresting thing you may find here, unlike other blogs and magazines, I don’t have anything bad to say about him. Quite the opposite, that guy is so talented I think it should be illegal at this point.

Real name Abraham Orellana calls himself “MVP of the MPC”. He rose to fame after showcasing his skills on the MPC player. He’s the first DJ who played music live and started to cover samples and sounds with drum patterns live. Watching him play is really something. While other DJ’s work hard  to perfect their beat, Araab just goes there and starts to play it live, treating MPC like it’s some sort of an instrument and not a stupid repeat-machine. So let’s give him props just for that.

So his skills are undeniable, but what about music? He may be able to play it live and make a show to entertain people but what about music itself? Is it a good music? Is it worth a penny? HELL YEAH!

First time I realized I was listening to his music was when Slaughterhouse’s single “Hammer Dance” came out. (Gotta love that chicks voice in every intro: “you’re now listening to AraabMuzik”). As soon as I heard the beat I fell in love with it. “Hammer dance” is so full, you can sense so much space in the melody, like you’re standing somewhere amidst the desert and sand, heading towards something huge… I wasn’t able to fully describe it, but listening to that beat (especially the acoustic version) always gave me chills and inspiration (I wrote a huge part of my novella listening to it and got a diploma for best literary work (thanks Araab)). When artist has so much vision for a beat, you can see their greatness.

My other favorite tracks from Araab are “Rick Flair 2” and “Free Spirit” – I may be going overboard with it, but I love the feeling of space that’s always present in most of his works. His music is like opening up your mind for something gigantique, something extraterrestrial unseen stuff… And while mastering the art of creating rap beats, he manages to do so in electronic music itself too. Tracks like “Golden Touch” are proof to that.

Latest beat I heard from Araab is “Banjo” from Royce’s EP “Tabernacle”. Strings on that beat are just crazy and perfectly within the track. This man is a huge talent and example of what hard working can do. Araab has thousands of beats, but only few of them pierced trough media and popular culture by making their marks and stamping the hip-hop way it should be stamped.

I heard Araab along with Just Blaze are working for Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album, I know those MC’s can rap hard as f, so I can assure you, hip-hop heads are in for the treat.







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