Joe Budden freestyle


Okay, Joe maybe isn’t the best battle rapper in the world (we all saw total slaughter where he got totally slaughtered). But, he has something to say. And he has bigger style than any chain worn by any rapper. Everyone says hip-hop has competitive nature, well, I don’t know about that, but hip-hop gives you the ability to reach down in yourself and find something unique.

I don’t like to watch hip-hop as a stadium of competition, some battlefield or a competition of any kind. I think you have to work to enhance your skills, There is a certain level you have to reach. After you reach that bar and you are a master of your work, will it be rapping, aerosol writing or Deejaying, I want you to tell me something unique. Skill is a tool artist uses to portray his message, to make it more vivid for anyone taking interest.



While we are discussing rapper, let’s stick to MCing. I would say, I don’t really care if you can rap fast, or if you have some wild rhymes, and if you use whole bunch of big words… If you are not sending a message – it doesn’t really matter. That’s why there are so many great MC’s out there, who can rap like crazy, but they can’t spread knowledge, or somehow people are unable  to connect to them. The greatest rapper 2pac was barely a lyricist (I know I’m gonna catch hate for that). His rhymes were simple, his flow wasn’t special… hell, his style was so simple and easy that they still make his songs after twenty years of his passing. But he had a message. He had something to say. He used music as a tool to take a stand and make people listen.

That’s exactly what Joe does here. I haven’t heard a lot of his music, but from what I have heard, this one must be the best. I don’t want to ruin this brilliant verse by talking too much about it, because everything has been already said in it. It’s just that pure street poetry, pure hip-hop, that style I thought was long gone from hip-hop is occurring right in the middle of a great documentary – The art of rap, by Ice-T.

To me, this freestyle is best from that movie. It easily demonstrates the NY life, struggles and challenges as in society, as well as in a private life.



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