Xzibit – LAX


Xzibit is a rapper we haven’t heard off for a while now. Except the internet meme’s that’s being going on the web for ages. He was never a greatest rapper, nor actor or a host for a show. But I still wanted to talk about one of his songs, that’s such a high level MCing.

Coming from the west coast, California, in his carrier and life, Xzibit was affiliated with Dre, Aftermath, snoop and later or early on with Ras Kass (that’s a high caliber lyricists I’ll talk about later) and others. His first major single, that gave him popularity was “Hit and Run” – track is really raw but it’s cool in it’s own genre.

After singing to Aftermath, Xzibit released numerous tracks, but to me, none of them were close to the bar that’s so sweet to me.

Sometime ago I installed Underground 2 (reminiscing the childhood) and his track, “LAX” came on immediately as I started playing. Track and production was so fine it caught my attention right away, but most of the lyrics were censored in the game, so I looked it up on the web.


I was blown away, I never noticed X could rhyme like that, straight fire, pure, raw… Just a lyrical magma with suspense and flow of a skilled MC. Song already starts like it’s in a middle of destruction: “Shotgun fanatic, who’s right back at it!” and the third line already has you goin’ ohhhh!! “got you hopin’ I fail/ Cause if I fail, you’d be happy, like a faggot in jail!” – if you’re not with X on this one, your faggotry is inevitable.

This line must be the only one, where hardcore MC brags about his sales and it doesn’t sound lame: “I’m full retail, guaranteed to sell/ In my jet black McLaren, with my mademoiselle/ I’m strong-arm steady, you fragile and frail” right after that he brings popular quotation about pop music and overrides it with it with agreement: “Sex sells, so fuck you all!” – what the hell is this guy talking about.

In this song, Xzibit creates a bubble that you can’t really criticize: yes I’m a hardcore MC, Yes I’m gonna sell, Yes you’re a fag if you don’t like it, listeners want to see sex on the screen so fuck them and you too! – level of not giving a fuck in this joint is just too damn high. Maybe it’s because, “…X-Man don’t spit rhymes, I ventilate!”

Just bars… straight bars: “Renovate the game, new nigga that you love to hate!” – well, that’s an attitude!

After being shocked by this song, I went on and checked his discography, but couldn’t find a one song that I would consider equal to “LAX”. I don’t know about his legacy in hip-hop, but this one song does the justice. X was off the chain on this one.




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