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Xzibit – LAX


Xzibit is a rapper we haven’t heard off for a while now. Except the internet meme’s that’s being going on the web for ages. He was never a greatest rapper, nor actor or a host for a show. But I still wanted to talk about one of his songs, that’s such a high level MCing. Continue reading Xzibit – LAX


Royce da 5’9” – Tabernacle


Finally, Royce drops his newest EP – Tabernacle: Trust the shooter. In a first few bars on the single “Which is cool” we hear lines like: “If you don’t write your own rhymes get offended, this is to you” – *cough cough* Drake *cough*. Royce takes a slight jab at today’s rap superstar. But his EP isn’t about dissing young cats who make money off the culture. Nah… Royce is keepin’ it real with minding his own business and delivering a high quality product hip-hop heads were anticipating from him. With these lines and the above mentioned single, Royce just tells you how he feels about everything and where he stands amidst the whole rap game. “Yall doing whatever to get money, which is cool, but I’mma lyricist and ain’t no one is taking this title just like that”. Continue reading Royce da 5’9” – Tabernacle




“A lot of people ask me since I’m a lyricist in this business/ How come I haven’t gone broke yet?” – this is the opening line off a freestyle “Hard” Royce da 5’9” dropped to promote his upcoming album “Layers”. He provoked an interesting subject in hip-hop. Continue reading Lyricism

Rap videos


Rap videos these days are garbage. I mean, what’s up with them? And at every fade in there’s captions like: “directed by this” and “directed by that”, “you’ve never heard of” production presents… back in a day you’d never see this type of things. People didn’t know who directed the video, but they enjoyed it for sure. Continue reading Rap videos

Hip-hop Gladiators


Battle rap has been around much longer than anyone thinks. Before there was hip-hop, before there was brakes and beats, before samples, blues, jazz and rock n ‘roll – black people were making fun of each other rhyming. This is a story bunch of fans don’t know and it goes way back to slavery, darkest and most violent part of the US history.

KRS-One the teachah found best and shortest way to tell the story of how it originated (in the movie by Ice-T – Something from nothing). When slaves were sold, they were sold separately, one by one, except if one of them had some kind of injury like: missing limbs  or serious illness. They would gather those slaves together and sell by dozens. But even in such a harsh environment, black people found a way to laugh. They would laugh at each other’s shortcomings and have a good time. But that gave a birth to a culture that remained silent and got more and more complex with the time. Continue reading Hip-hop Gladiators